So many years of education … and yet no one has taught us to love ourselves.

We are not perfect and alone we will never even be able to approach this standard. God is the only one who can change us and save us … but what we can do is to want this with all our hearts … to leave ourselves in His hands and let Him rebuild us and take us out new people.


However, we must not hate our lives or be disappointed with our life on earth, but on the contrary … I think we must be aware of the role we have and fulfill it as well as possible. We need to live beautifully, to do things that please us as well as God. Even if at first it will seem difficult to give up various things, the true reality is unfettered. However, to realize what this is, we must open our eyes of heart and mind and want to change something.


The self-love we are talking about today is by no means narcissism, but that love for life, for goodness, for faith, for the values ​​we have in us, but often we do not realize. “Loving each other” does not mean falling in love with ourselves in the way we look, it does not mean being proud of ourselves for the knowledge we have assimilated over the years, or even being proud of the people we have done good.


Start by being aware of your position before God, realizing that in reality you are far from “being well.” It’s hard, especially if so far you’ve only relied on your own strengths and focused on achieving one-on-one goals. If you choose this path, you may be disappointed in yourself, because you are a human being! You are subject to error, there is also failure, there is also fall. God is the only one who will never disappoint you and who will always be there for you, will protect you … even when you are not aware of it.


Education is extremely important, but at school no one teaches you who and how to love. We make this decision ourselves …


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