How a Brave Boy Stood up to Bullying, and His Mom Couldn’t be Happier

Being suspended from school is typically a cause for concern for parents. It implies that their child has misbehaved. However, when Allison Davis’s son, Drew, was suspended, she wasn’t angry at him. In fact, she was proud. Here’s why.

Drew had been a victim of bullying for a long time, and according to Allison, the school did nothing to help him. Despite numerous reports and pleas from Allison, the school failed to take any action against the bully who had repeatedly threatened and tormented Drew. It got so bad that Drew became afraid to even walk down the school hallways. Frustrated with the lack of support from the adults, Drew stopped reaching out to them altogether.

Allison’s concerns and requests to the school fell on deaf ears. The only action the school took was to have Drew and the bully sign a no-contact contract, which, in Allison’s eyes, was barely a solution. Feeling helpless, Allison gave up hope that the school would take meaningful action to protect her son.

That’s why when Drew was threatened once again, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He faced his bully and threw three punches. The bully cried out in pain, his friends fell silent, and from that day on, the bully wouldn’t even look at Drew. Allison proudly shared this story on Facebook as a triumph over bullying.

Many people supported Allison’s and Drew’s actions, understanding the difficult situation they had endured. They commended Drew’s bravery and integrity for standing up for himself when no adult had come to his aid.

While violence is not typically the answer, many felt that Drew had exhausted all other options. They believed that he had shown great patience and resilience in the face of relentless bullying. They also criticized the school for failing to address the problem effectively.

What are your thoughts on Drew’s response to bullying and the way the school handled it?


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