Couple Gives Up Teaching So They Can Open An ‘Anti-Woke’ School

Teaching is a profession that many people enter because of their passion for educating young minds. For Kali and Joshua Fontanilla, teaching was both a livelihood and a lifelong passion. They loved being educators in California, until they became disheartened by the overly politicized environment in the public school system. Fed up with this, they made the bold decision to quit their jobs and open their own school.

Their new school, named the Exodus Institute, offers a curriculum that is quite different from what you would find in a regular school. Instead of imposing their political views on the students, Kali and Joshua are utilizing their 20 years of experience in education to provide a space where students can learn without the pressures of political agendas.

Joshua explains, “Being a conservative or someone who believes in traditional American values can make you feel endangered or marginalized in the public school system. In public schools, they push liberal politics on everyone, and you can’t just mind your own business and keep your politics to yourself.”

Kali, too, has noticed the stark differences between their new school and other institutions. She observes that teachers are constantly faced with pressures, such as the expectation to include pronouns in their bio or email signature. Yet, there is no pressure to ask students about their pronouns. It often feels like everyone has an agenda, and tensions escalated even further after the tragic death of George Floyd in 2020.

As a half-black teacher, Kali has even been offered gifts based on her skin color. However, she does not want praise solely because of her ethnicity. She says, “I don’t want to be recognized for my skin color; I want to be recognized for the work I have done as a teacher in the classroom. What if a white teacher wore a ‘white educators matter’ mask? It’s also making a political statement. Me wearing a black educators matter mask is a political statement.”

The decision made by Kali and Joshua to open an ‘anti-woke’ school is an interesting one that challenges the status quo. It provides an alternative educational environment where students can focus on learning without being burdened by the current political climate. Their dedication to teaching and their belief in traditional American values make them stand out in the field of education.


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