Just because someone is smiling doesn’t mean their life is perfect.

The fact that you have problems should not stop you from smiling. Who in the world has a truly perfect life? Who has never experienced any kind of suffering? But still there are people who seem perfectly happy and fulfilled … who seem to have a secret inaccessible to the rest of the population.


The thing they do is very simple: they smile wholeheartedly. I smile even if I go through hard times, I smile even if they have hard work to complete and I smile even if I go through terrible battles. I know that nothing is forever but God … so sooner or later they will get out of trouble. What’s more, I know that in addition to sadness, they have a million things to enjoy in their lives, such as waking up every morning!


People who smile all the time are happy because they want to see the full side of the glass. I know that if they let themselves be caught by the negative that happens non-stop around them, they will not be able to improve their situation … on the contrary. Even if there is a lot of worry and sadness inside them, they prefer to enjoy the little reasons that give them the opportunity to smile.


Yes, there are opportunities that make us smile! And I’m at every step … but many times we choose to close our eyes and ignore them, we prefer to let ourselves be caught in despair and sadness and forget that tomorrow may give us a million reasons to rejoice.


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