Some people will leave you. Know that it’s not always your fault.

New people always appear in our lives and old people leave. Why? No one can give an exact answer, but most of the time it is related to changing opinions, plans for the future, it is related to personal failures … it is related to boredom. And many of us suffer when we lose them, and for a while we feel their absence very strongly, but, even if it is extremely difficult for us, at some point we will get used to the fact that they have chosen to go the other way.


This should not make us sad. Things are exactly as they should be. Maybe you were wrong about your friends, or maybe they just walked away without saying too many words … because they chose their path. Do not condemn them, do not despise them for what they have chosen. They chose what they thought was best for them. Do the same and move on.


There will always be new people in your life to love. Love the old ones too, even if you are far from them. It’s not your fault they moved away, it’s not your fault you can’t change anything about it. Let them go. You will meet new people who may not take the place of the old ones, but whom you will love in a different way.


A good tip, but hard to put into practice, is to never expect a person to be permanent. Trust in God that He will take you exactly where you need to be, that He will help you, that He will heal you. Don’t blame yourself for the decisions of others, because you don’t know what’s really going on in their heads. Words are just the top of an iceberg almost always. Love and go your own way and be proud to have met them! And the most important! Remember that some people are forever and you will never lose them!


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