The truth is that material things don’t matter, but they don’t bother anyone

I would never choose the people around me after the cars I drive, but I don’t mind if some of them have some “fit” models. I would never choose a man by the labels of the clothes he wears, but I admire a man who knows what to wear to look good. I would never compromise on money, but I would not refuse a good job because I want to prove something to the society I come from.


What I mean is that I don’t mind living a life where the material part is not a constant concern. I don’t mind being able to afford the things I want … although I would never be guided by them. The truth is that I don’t dislike the latest smartphones and the rest of the gadgets that make our work easier and look very good. The truth is that I am a woman and I like both the clothes from the regular stores and the designer ones … and I don’t mind their presence in my wardrobe. Instead, I would never choose them instead of the things I consider healthy for the soul and the mind.


I can’t be hypocritical and say I hate certain things. I don’t want to live with frustrations about some desires that I have and that I have to close in on myself because I can’t afford them, so they are automatically bad. That’s why I admit when I like something, no matter what it’s about, no matter what price it has … that I just won’t educate my mind to stay at the same level, even when it comes to the material one? But I will not go over God and what I consider moral to enjoy who knows what bag or pair of shoes. That NEVER!


However, I know I can. Specifically, I am convinced of this. Why? Because I have God with me and I know it will make my life easier. And I know that from what he gives me I have to help those around me. His desire for us is not to set a barrier to our desires and to educate ourselves to hate everything that is considered above average, but on the contrary. He is with us to help us live beautifully … because even then we can fulfill His will and be faithful to Him … so what is the point of lying and tormenting ourselves by practically denying our own wishes?


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