In front of those who shout at you, speak slowly.

When you don’t have arguments on which to base a certain fact, a theory, but you want to be heard at all costs, it’s very simple to yell at someone. Screams are also used as a weapon of intimidation for the weak, to make them play at will.


Stay calm the next time someone tries to abuse you by this means. That doesn’t make you weak.


I know it’s hard and it sounds dishonest, but stay calm when someone yells at you. It is all the more difficult when you know that you are being wronged and that the person in question has no rights, he has even harmed you. It doesn’t respond in the same tone, no matter how much your body wants it to burst. Life is not fair and you will go through real tests of patience.


Your calm (be it apparent) will annoy even the one who abuses you through language and tone, but at some point it will calm down. After that, he / she will realize that his / her attitude has been shifted and he / she will be ashamed of how he / she reacted, whether he / she will ever show you this or not.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not have a superior attitude in those moments, just be calm. Be careful not to offend by being mocking. Your calm will contrast sharply with the annoyance of the one who accuses you, and eventually the conflict will diminish.


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