Always open your ears to what your parents say and don’t be afraid of the reprimands that come from them.

The people who make up your family are the only people in the world who love you even before you open your eyes and they will love you even when they are no longer on earth. They are the only people who will really care about you and will not judge you for anything in the world. They are the only people who will sacrifice themselves for you every time it is needed because they truly love you, without expecting anything in return.


Your mother will always feel like a fake friend before you, and your father will know in advance if a boy really cares about you. Listen to them doing well, even if it means moving away from certain people who will hurt you at some point. They want to keep you away from suffering because they’ve already been through what you’re going through now … but hey, who else can understand them?


Call your grandparents just for the sake of hearing them … it doesn’t take you more than 10 minutes and the joy you will give them is immense, especially if you don’t have them close. Listen to them when they have a story to share with you or when they have advice. It will catch on later, even if you think you know it all now.


I think that when we are little we do not realize how much these people offer us and that we have from the beginning of our lives that unconditional love that we dreamed of and about which we lost hope that it would exist.


Appreciate them and show them how much you love them whenever you have the opportunity! Forgive them when they are wrong, because they are not perfect either and take care of each one as you know, no matter how small you are. Listen to them and make them happy and take your heart in your teeth and apologize to them when you make a mistake, because they are also aware that you have your problems, that you have hard times, but they are more than happy to be there for you, to help you, to lift you up when you fall.


The value of parents, siblings and grandparents cannot be expressed in words or measured in any way, but until we are aware of this we may hurt them with their attitude and words …. (and for this I want to ask and I forgive them). These people are a blessing from God and we are loved by Him for leaving us in such wonderful families!


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