Most quarrels come from the fact that people do not express their own thoughts well and misinterpret those of others.

It is difficult to let someone really know us, to tell them what our expectations are, what our dreams are. It is difficult because in that moment when we let someone really penetrate our soul, we give him both the opportunity to make us happy, but also the right to hurt us more than anyone else.


We tend to misinterpret certain gestures, the silence of the man next to us. We have moments when we are bothered by his attitude, there are moments when it seems to us that he does not give us the attention we want … and we do not tell him these things, but we wait for him to realize himself, and if he does not, we get upset, shout at him and get upset, which is probably followed by an argument. We can avoid all these things.


Quarreling is not mandatory to keep the flame alive in a relationship. As a lover, you never get bored, regardless of whether the general opinion is that harmony brings with it boredom. The truth is that at some point, no matter how young and restless you may be, this lifestyle will exhaust you and you will want to calm down … maybe now it seems interesting and captivating, but you will see that these quarrels will not make than to divide you more and more.


If you want a beautiful relationship, you must know that love needs a lot of communication and understanding. You have to give advice, you have to confess to each other what you have in your heart and not to assume to the person next to you some thoughts that probably never crossed his mind. This requires maturity … and if you can’t afford it, you won’t have anything to learn. Wait and enter into a relationship when you are convinced that you want this and that you want to share anything with the one next to you.


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