From boy to man: Stop valuing things for nothing and focus on what really matters

Greetings! It may sound dubious, but I’m writing this article around 2:20 AM … around this time I’m bursting with inspiration … and only now do I have time to think about the things that really matter to me … and that I thought I’d share them with you, because maybe you have to deal with issues like the ones I’m facing.


You may consider me old-fashioned, but I read the Bible every night and pray. Why? I like to be rebellious. Not everyone does that … so I think it makes me a more special idea. Kidding! I do this because I believe in a real God and for me he really is. I just finished praying, during which time I realized that I no longer have to value things for nothing and focus on what really matters.


Not long ago I finished high school … from those times I remember that I wanted to be fashionable, to have expensive clothes, state-of-the-art gadgets, to be seen well by all people and to spin in the circle of children who had a lot of money. I don’t need you to judge me, I think most of us have passed through here. How it is done, how it is not done, these desires continue even after this period. The thing with fashion, expensive clothes and gadgets remained. Finally, I have an excuse: I’m an IT professional and it helps me do my job easier … but, to be honest, I have moments when I like to look smart in front of others.
After tonight, I decided to drop these issues and put more value on what matters, namely: my girlfriend, whom I love enormously, and with whom I consider to be behaving quite well … but there is always room for improvement; family, especially my sister who I miss when I’m gone. I will take more time to better understand what I was created for and what my purpose is on this earth, to do good to others, to be able to be a reliable friend … and stuff like that, which now is not very they are still fashionable. We all want a change, but we are waiting for the change to begin with the other. I have decided that the change should be me and that I should no longer value the things that society glorifies me for.


I’m sure he won’t succeed at first, but I want to persevere. Does anyone else get in?


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