Either you’re with me or the other 29. Honey, I want to let you know that the choice is entirely yours, but there’s no middle ground.

Dear men, even if you are the hunting species, this does not mean that you have all the power to handle “hunting” at will. Even though you have met a lot of “deer” who have played the strings and made it clear to you that the rules of common sense in a relationship are long outdated and useless, there are women who do not I share their opinion, for which there is only a monogamous relationship. They would really appreciate you and love you like you never dreamed, they are able to make you happy … but such a “specimen” is not for everyone …


With the second type of women it’s a little harder …. because they don’t want your money, they don’t want to have fun on your account, so they won’t agree to keep you close if that means enduring your useless whims in a relationship. They will not try to change you, but will show you a different point of view. Whether you choose it or not is up to you. These choices represent you, these choices show you what your true values ​​are in life … And if they are based only on vice and consumption, I can only tell you that you are not looking to be happy, but to destroy yourself.


You can walk from flower to flower, they will never forbid you, but they will not be there when you return. They will have nothing against the fact that you are used to having fun and trampling on any kind of value, but they will not be there to see you. If you choose to split your feelings at 2, 3 or even more, you’ll lose her … and she may be the only one who really matters.


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