Do them all on time!

Everything happens fast today. We no longer have time to listen, understand and help those who need a little good. We run after something … we don’t even know afterwards, without looking left or right and without noticing that there are millions of things to consider, which can’t wait to stop for a second and give them importance.


At 14-15 years old you are already “mega-stupid” / “pimpălău” / “bulangiu” if you are a virgin, at 18 years old you “lived in vain” if you did not go through a heavy drunkenness at least and you did not smoke / inject / shot “nothing” on the nose. You don’t know how to have fun if you don’t like going out to the club and banging your brain with music to the fullest .. These things are not normal !! And yet it happens every day! We wonder who still lets the little ones go through all this …


Parents, out of too much love, make a huge mistake towards their children! Dear ones, even if you upset them now, in 10-15 years they will realize how much good you have done to them that you did not let them go out with X or Y. When you do not like your child’s entourage and you have serious reasons for this, do not be afraid to say NO! Teenagers are difficult, they throw words at their parents in order to hurt them, because they know how to manipulate! I know you love them and want to know them happy. That’s why he uses the whole arsenal to achieve his goals: words, tears, screams … EVERYTHING IS OVER! Be good parents, not meek, because you have a responsibility to them before God and you will be hard to account for your gentleness !!


I was very wrong. By the time I finished high school I had already done things you normally do after 30 years, I felt more than the disappointments of a low grade in a thesis … that’s because I hurried to grow up, to judge , to disappoint myself, those around me and especially God. I’m sorry now. I would go back in time if I could, but I can’t … I understood what I was doing wrong and I accepted my mistakes, but I stopped. I chose to mature very quickly for a reason I don’t know either …. but only when I chose to be a child again, to see life more rosy than it is; in short, to receive God in my life and let Him take care of me I saw what it means to live beautifully in fact.


It’s nonsense for a girl who hasn’t reached high school yet to already know how to look at men with money, to flirt and “score”! It’s nonsense to say “YES” to a man you like just because he can buy you expensive things! It’s crazy at the age of 15 for a boy to think that he has nothing to offer a woman and that he wants to make money just for the sake of keeping next to him someone who looks good … and who doesn’t feel anything for him! It’s nonsense to sit next to someone without even asking yourself the question of love! It is nonsense to comply with these things, to choose such a life without knowing that there is love!


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