Love is what you offer. What you expect in return is greed.

It’s not easy to love. Breathing love is the hardest thing to do in this life, and yet it is the ultimate goal we should all pursue. Why is it hard? Because there is injustice, because there are evils, because there are so many things hard to forgive, but give me love. Leaving aside the kind of love we share with our partner, I would like to talk a little about the love we must have for other people.

It’s hard to love everyone. There are people who will hurt you with or without intention, there are people who will break your heart and there are people who will take you away from their lives without even blinking, even if you have invested feelings and time with the cart to link those relationships. I don’t want to be covetous or pessimistic, but to live my whole life without even seeing the injustices and evil around you seems impossible to me … “The purpose excuses the means” is the motto of many, but the part where it was mentioned has been forgotten that the goal MUST be noble. (Machiavelli: “The Prince”) … People have the talent to nuance any explanation to apologize, so they prefer to skip the parts that don’t benefit them.

True love involves loving all the people around you. In theory it seems easy. In practice, you have to get over all the injustices that are done to you (maybe they will come from the people who are dearest to you), it means to rejoice for everyone’s success (even if it was stolen from you), it means to leave dignity aside from time to time, accepting evils (without judging or glorifying yourself for being a wonderful person) means helping the one next to you (even if it means taking on a burden that is not yours). Does it seem as easy?

Love does not mean receiving something in return. To love someone does not mean waiting for that someone to love you back. If you make someone smile, don’t feel that you have to be rewarded for the kindness or love you have shown to humanity, but simply do it and move on, don’t expect to receive benefits from following your good deeds … because that’s how they are in vain.

What do you expect in return for your love is greed … Does it seem so easy to consider ourselves “good” people now? I, for one, considered myself a decent man until recently, but I realized that I am not able to forgive so easily, to love even those who have wronged me, to overcome any kind of insult. I have wounds that I struggle to close and wounds that I don’t even realize exist, and I think I’ve hurt enough myself. It’s hard for me not to judge the wickedness of others and often I forget to look in the mirror … It’s hard, because it still seems normal to condemn those who hurt me intentionally or not … But I try .. And I expect it to happen at some point … with a little more help from God, because I can’t do it on my own.

The idea for this article came to me when I stumbled upon a religious wedding of two people I do not know. There I heard a poem that made me think, because I saw that I was extremely greedy … I want to share it with you.


Love is what you can give,
What you expect in return is greed.
When you give, you gather treasures in Heaven,
When you ask, you are a servant with symbiosis.

Love is what you can do
For the enemy and for the brother,
To endure, to suffer and to be silent
When you are wronged.

He is the soul of a pure child,
In which hatred does not smolder.
It’s a place where never ‘
Envy does not sift its slag.

Love is a bleeding wound
And the question that surprises you:
“How, those who fed them one by one,
Did they crucify me one by one? ”

It’s a pity you walk,
Burden without a murmur.
Love is face to face
And the robe of dignity snatched away.

Love is the smile you put on him
In the face of the sighing,
When someone else’s cross went up
He turned on a light in the night.

Love is the good grain,
Which bears fruit only when it dies,
It’s the investment now
In a future harvest.

Love is what you can give,
What you expect in return is greed.
When you give, you gather treasures in Heaven
And your life is poetry.


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