There is no “only way” in love, so do not cling to some patterns that others have formed!

It takes a lot of work for love. It takes involvement, it takes emotion, it takes more than living on your own, but living with it. You need to do small things for his sake even if you don’t necessarily go for them. It takes understanding and acceptance and it takes communication …. A LOT!


Every couple has their own way of loving each other. However, the way two people love each other may not be right for others … maybe some feel good when they go shopping together, maybe others feel good when they go with the tent. Maybe some men enjoy the food cooked by their wives, maybe others have nothing against eating in the city, because their life partners are not talented in the kitchen.


Maybe some men cook, maybe some clean because their wives do other things. But all things complement each other perfectly in their house and everything goes smoothly, as they know how to love each other. There is no algorithm to build the perfect relationship. Even if some do well in another way, do not panic if your relationship happens differently, it does not mean that it is wrong, but on the contrary!


Most importantly, if your partner does something that bothers you, tell him this! If he really cares, he will do his best to change that. This also applies to you. Even if it’s frustrating to find out you’re not doing everything perfectly, it can happen … and if you’ve found the person you want to stay with for the rest of your life, try not to get in the way of your own pride and struggle!


Love does not fit anyone’s patterns. There is no single kind of love, just as there is no single kind of forgiveness. There are no things for which you are allowed to forgive and things that are impossible to forgive. There is no single way to be happy or unhappy. Love exists and is understood by everyone else … if your agreements fit and you are ready to love each other no matter what obstacles arise, then do it!


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