Nearly Intact Dinosaur Skeleton Found, Frenchman Kept It Secret for 2 Years

Nearly Intact Dinosaur Skeleton Found, Frenchman Kept It Secret for 2 Years

Have you ever stumbled upon a secret that was just too big to share? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Damien Boschetto, a 25-year-old Frenchman who discovered something truly extraordinary and kept it hidden for nearly 2 years.

It all started back in May 2022 when Damien was taking a leisurely walk with his dog in the forest near his hometown of Cruzy in southern France. Little did he know, this simple stroll would lead to an incredible find – the nearly intact skeleton of a titanosaur, a massive dinosaur that lived 70 million years ago!

It’s not every day that you come across dinosaur bones, let alone a complete skeleton. Damien didn’t just discover a few scattered bones, he unearthed a treasure trove of ancient history. And instead of shouting it from the rooftops, he chose to keep it a secret. But why?

For Damien, it was all about protecting this remarkable discovery. He wanted to ensure that paleontologists had enough time to carefully excavate the entire skeleton before the site was flooded with pillagers and dinosaur enthusiasts. His dedication paid off, as the fossil is now proudly on display at the Cruzy Museum for all to see.

Now, let’s talk about titanosaur. These plant-eating dinosaurs were known for their incredibly long necks and lived during the Cretaceous period. Just imagine, the largest titanosaurs were a staggering 85 feet long and weighed a whopping 70 tons! To put it into perspective, it’s like having Fred Flintstone’s Bronto Crane at the quarry.

Damien’s discovery had such a profound impact on him that he left his job in the energy sector and is now pursuing a master’s degree in paleontology. It’s safe to say that his thesis paper will be one for the ages!

So, the next time you take a walk in nature, keep your eyes peeled. Who knows, you might just stumble upon a secret that could change the course of history.


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