Elephant Roams Streets of Butte, Montana After Escaping from Circus: ‘Man, They Move Fast’

Surprise Visitor in Butte

In a surprising turn of events, the streets of Butte, Montana were graced by an unexpected guest. Videos circulated on social media showing an elephant roaming freely after escaping from the Jordan World Circus. The elephant, named Viola, managed to break free during her routine bath after being startled by the backfiring of a nearby truck.

According to a representative from Carson & Barnes, the elephant handler’s office, Viola crossed the main road, causing traffic concerns and confusion among the onlookers. However, her adventure came to a halt when she found a patch of grass behind the casino area and decided to stop and graze.

“We are upset that she was scared, but we are grateful that she remained calm and that no injuries were sustained to her or any bystanders,” said Kristin Parra, the Carson & Barnes representative.

An Unforgettable Sight

The elephant’s escapade caught the attention of many locals and passersby. Mataya Smith, a witness to the spectacle, described her astonishment when she saw the elephant on the road. “There is an elephant in the road!” she exclaimed. Josh Hannifin, the co-manager of the Civic Center Town Pump, also shared his excitement, stating, “It’s not every day you see an elephant walking down Harrison Avenue in Butte, Montana.”

While Viola gracefully made her way down Harrison Avenue, it became evident that elephants are not only large but also surprisingly fast. “Went for a nice slow walk down Harrison. But man, they move fast when they just walk,” Hannifin remarked.

A Safe Resolution

Fortunately, the elephant’s detour did not result in any injuries. Handlers from the circus swiftly took action and were able to guide Viola back under control within 20 minutes, without requiring any police intervention. Witnesses praised the handlers for their calm and professional approach in dealing with the situation.

“They did everything that they could to just kind of guide her. They waited very patiently with her and just kind of petted her and gave her comfort and calmed her until the truck came by,” recalled Mataya Smith, highlighting the handlers’ gentle and patient demeanor.

Civic Center General Manager Bill Melvin expressed his admiration for the professionalism of the circus and its trainer. He said, “The circus, of course, is very professional, and they had a professional trainer. It was not nearly as dramatic as you would think.”

An Unforgettable Experience

The escapade of Viola the elephant brought a mix of surprise, excitement, and wonder to the community of Butte, Montana. It was a unique experience that showcased the beauty and majesty of these incredible creatures. As the city returns to its regular rhythm, Viola’s brief adventure will be remembered as a peculiar and enchanting chapter in Butte’s history.


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