Louisiana Requires “In God We Trust” to be Displayed in Public Schools

Louisiana is taking a bold step towards creating a more God-centered atmosphere in its public classrooms. With the passage of HB 8, the state now requires every public school classroom to display the national motto, “In God We Trust.” This new legislation aims to counter the influence of woke ideology and fringe theories that some teachers have been promoting in the classroom.

Over the years, teachers have been using classroom decorations and posters to push their own narratives, much to the dissatisfaction of some parents. The implementation of this law is a welcome change for those who believe in instilling faith and values in the education system.

The legislation states that each public school classroom “shall display the national motto in each building it uses and classroom in each school under its jurisdiction.” Furthermore, specific guidelines have been set to ensure that the motto is displayed prominently and visibly, leaving no room for non-compliance.

To prevent teachers or schools from simply hiding the national motto in a corner of the room to technically fulfill the requirement, the law specifies that the display must meet certain standards. The motto should be printed on a poster or framed document that is at least eleven inches by fourteen inches. It should be the central focus of the display, printed in a large and easily readable font.

By enforcing these standards, Louisiana guarantees that “In God We Trust” will not go unnoticed or be easily dismissed. It will serve as a constant reminder of faith and values within the classroom, creating a more God-centered environment for students.

This initiative from Louisiana demonstrates a commitment to promote a friendly and easy-to-understand atmosphere in public schools. It aims to bring back a sense of tradition and respect for God, appealing to parents who desire a more wholesome educational experience for their children.


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