Love lasts until December… Should we fall in love with the beginnings right?

He forms a world in which he saves you in the name of your love. She, without error, answers the unanswered questions and you feel that everything is plotting for you, you have known each other for a lifetime, even though you have only known each other for a few days, you complement each other. He pays attention to detail, waits for the moment when She expresses her unfulfilled desires and dreams so that He has a list like an iceberg … only small things on the surface… and guess what? his strengths are enough for at least two lives, and her sincerity would break the immaculate white of the snow, and your happiness is the mirror in which your loved ones mirror their envy and helplessness. Yes, he is too weak for her, yes she is too insincere with him, and you hear, but do not move at all and reject the barbaric way in which your loved ones understand that they must enter your souls… You would be the perfect couple, the way love it shows its beauty, the definition of love at first sight, but it is only the beginning… and only the month of May…


Then comes June in which your world is common, you already share the same bed, the same time, the same dreams, plans for 3 dream vacations. You introduce yourself to your loved ones and the first contradictory discussions begin, but nothing serious, everything to be understood, everyone leaves generously and gives up pride and principles quickly in the name of love.


July, August do not even feel, habit makes its presence, surprises, rose petals and baths in scents, gifts and happiness, love and hate, quarrels and guilt, unfinished pasts. Life could say that unexpected tears appear and what he had in addition, is now equal, and what she had in minus, is now in excess. The first jealousies, the first quarrel for the former, the first joke forgotten among her text messages, the first question mark if the fairy tales were always something imaginary… .the first kiss in tears and hugs of compassion ..


October, November, autumn, sadness, controlled jokes are the order of the day, she seems more and more uncertain. Life puts you to the test, he with many disadvantages, she is not very sincere, the fights with loved ones are now between you, their questions are now yours, dreams are few, even unclear… another story, your fairy tale is more of a short comedy footage. He is too jealous to understand her beauty, she is too libertine to understand his desires, they crawl in the mud with ugly words, and he who has real feelings loses his dignity in the name of love. She independent, He totally dependent on their love, She indifferent, He totally captivated by what he feels in his soul, She seeks breath, He seeks to suffocate her ..


December, winter in her soul, winter in his mind, they both feel… it’s an insistent smell of parting. He covers it with thick cigarette smoke but tries the last books. He plays them messy, desperate to stay in the fairy tale of May, but it’s not summer anymore …. and they, in fact, have never been like in May… He is no longer mysterious, he hurried to offer too much for what what she could offer… She, as a matter of fact, the closest to sincerity admits her inability to love him… It all starts in May and ends in December with a plane ticket taken on a night when alcohol is still your relief. and lost pictures….


In an unknown world, with an unknown language, in which two people are attracted by a force called desire, he gives himself all the seconds of the day, he now tries the opposite of love, to reconcile the memories that inevitably bound him….


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