There are 3 people in your marriage only when the third is God.

Once at the altar, I assume that your plans for the future, your thoughts and feelings about the person next to you are serious. But still, assuming this before God is a greater thing than many would think. The fact that you want Him to know, approve, and bless your relationship will change your life tremendously, even if you and your half remain the same people. His connection is the strongest ally you can have in beautiful and difficult times.


Having said a YES wholeheartedly, we must ask God to be with us in every moment of our lives, not just when we go to church, not to forget His existence after the religious wedding is over. To have Him almost good and bad, to allow Him to guide your steps, to ask Him to show you how to get out of trouble and to listen to Him is good. In fact … I don’t think it’s possible without Him.


Think that a marriage is like a string and each of you is a thread. The braid in two is unraveled … the braid in three cannot be broken if it is done properly. You will have the best ally in the world if you choose to follow Him and respect God with all your soul! You do this not out of fear, but out of love for Him! It is impossible to remain indifferent to the love of God. It is impossible to remain the same after you have learned how beautiful life can be when you choose to remain in His hands, with a man who completes you!


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