Woman No Longer Cooks Husband Dinner After He Refuses to Do Dishes: ‘He Can Handle His Own’

In a relatable and amusing Reddit post, a woman has opened up about her decision to stop cooking dinner for her husband after he consistently refuses to clean the dishes. The anonymous poster, a woman in her 30s who is passionate about cooking, shares that she used to prepare meals every night for her, her husband, and their 4-year-old son. However, she noticed a concerning pattern – while her husband and son would rinse their dinner plates and place them in the dishwasher, she would be left with a pile of cooking dishes to clean up.

Understandably tired from cooking, she approached her husband and kindly asked if he could help with the dishes after she prepares the meals. To her disappointment, he casually dismissed her request, stating that since she created the mess, she should be the one to deal with it. Feeling frustrated, she decided not to bring it up again.

But the following night, she took a stand. She cooked a meal that was specifically portioned for herself and their son, none for her husband. Confused, he questioned her decision. Calmly, she explained that if he refuses to contribute to the clean-up after a shared meal, then he can take responsibility for his own food as well. Fair and reasonable, right?

To clarify, the woman mentions that she is not a stay-at-home parent. Both she and her husband work full time, yet she is the one who manages most of the household and childcare responsibilities. Her occupation is a desk job while her husband’s involves manual labor. Regardless, she believes that dividing tasks evenly is the key to maintaining a harmonious household.

Many fellow Redditors came to her defense, offering their own experiences and perspectives. One user shared that in their household, they follow a division of labor: they cook, and their spouse handles the dishes. Another commenter suggested that if the husband wants to apply his logic, then the wife should stop doing his laundry and other household chores that involve his personal items.

In a more direct response, someone sarcastically asked what exactly the husband contributes besides making a mess. It’s clear that the majority of fellow Redditors believe that fair participation in household chores is essential for maintaining a balanced and supportive relationship.

It’s understandable why this post has garnered attention and sparked discussions. The situation resonates with many individuals who have experienced similar struggles and have found creative solutions to address them. After all, collaboration and understanding are crucial in a successful partnership.


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