Why am I talking about God? Because God is cool!

Many of the people I come in contact with find it strange that I talk about God when I have the opportunity and maybe many of them really feel uncomfortable because of this …. because I see them messing around and disapproving in my eyes … because I don’t fully understand what I’m talking about and how I can be so happy talking about someone I don’t see. And I’d like to explain myself a little bit.


Suppose you bought a new item that is extremely good (for example, the latest phone model), which works perfectly and you are very happy with it. Don’t you recommend it to all your friends? Aren’t you excited and not happy about the new phone? Well, if you give such importance to a small object that will last in your possession for a maximum of 3-4 years, how could I not be happy about what God has done in my life? About all the good he put on my family and friends? About all the miracles he did and all the wounds he healed me?


Even though we have always been aware that there is Someone who created everything, who takes care of us and who lets us make mistakes when we are dying to do it, we have not actually realized how wonderful the gift he gives us in every day. I was wrong a lot and I had moments in my life when I felt abandoned, although I always had a lot of people who loved and supported me …. and I had moments when I was hit hard in soul of loved ones, so hard that I physically felt that pain …


How could I not thank God for wiping away my tears? How could I not thank Him for lifting me up and putting everything in my life in order? How could I not thank Him for helping me break through even the trials I thought were impossible? How could I not thank Him for giving me everything and for being healthy? How could I not thank Him for accepting me as I am and for showing me that in this short life the truth I blindly followed was stupid and that there are many things to take care of, not just appearances and of a top career? How could I not thank Him for making me a better man? How could I not thank Him for coming into my life without thinking about how much nonsense I have done? How could I not thank Him that He loves me so much that for me, a niece-nobody, He sent His only Son to die, that I might be saved?


God, I really want people to give you a chance, to really know you and to let you make your plan with them … then surely the world would look different! Better! And you would be proud of Your creation!


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