I want so much to make you happy that I promise you ….

I love you. Simply. I love you for what you are and for letting me be me. I love you because we grow up together and because you give me so many reasons to see life as it is: wonderful! I see myself getting older and fatter next to you and I see myself loving you with baldness! There is everything in you that does not exist in me, even though we are so much alike!


I love you so much that I am not afraid to promise you that all my life I will do everything I can to be happy, to be yourself. I promise I’ll be there whenever you fall or get up. I promise I’ll listen to you about anything you want to tell me! I’m telling you, listening to you is one of my favorite things. I promise you that I will learn from you and that I will always be myself, because I know that you can also learn something from me: D. I promise we’ll be two from now on, for the rest of our lives.


It will be the two of us and that’s it. However, you will be able to go out with the boys as many times as you want. I promise you that any annoyance will disappear and that I will tell you anything that bothers me in the world around me. I promise we’ll find ways to get rid of any obstacles. I promise I will stress you with kisses, hugs (many of them for no reason) and even ask you to abuse these things. I promise I won’t be upset! I promise that I will fight for us with all my might and that there will be no time when I will not defend you. I promise that I will win you back every day and that I will be surprised by you whenever it is needed. I promise I will love you more and more every day and I will let you love me back as you know!


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