What you want to see in people is your choice. If you want to see the light, you will increase the light within you, and if you choose the darkness, you will feed the darkness within you.

While I was under their tutelage, my parents protected me from all the evil around me. They were always careful to get everything I wanted, even more … and I was protected from evil. My family did a wonderful job and I really grew up in a glass globe, but it helped me not to see a lot of things around me … and to somehow believe that everything that flies is eaten. That’s why it was very difficult for me when I realized that there is something else besides the glass bowl … And that people can really do harm … in vain …


People can be wonderful. Help wholeheartedly when they want, give, take care of those in need, heal with beautiful words. They can do much good. But they can also do a lot of harm: they can offend, they can steal, they can hurt … And it is strange that all these are present in each person, in smaller or larger proportions. People can be the way they want to be, they can do what they want to do. They choose for themselves, and the choices help them grow … in one direction or another. What we need to know about ourselves and about anyone else is that we have in our own nature both good and evil.


Everyone’s choice is what they want to see in those around them. If you want to see beauty in those around you, you will be influenced by beauty. At some point, I think you will experience stings, you notice their misplacement … but you can choose to take them personally, to appropriate them, thus giving strength to the one who intended to hurt you, to make you feel bad, you can get angry and give him more importance than yourself. Or you can ignore the evil. You can forgive and forget, you can ignore and still be.


To want to see the evil around you means to feed yourself negatively. It means changing and accepting the power of bad words and deeds in your life. You can do this … it’s strictly your choice, but don’t be surprised that you will feed your part that doesn’t want to be good, neither they, nor those around you. This will happen in your subconscious and will take over you without you realizing it, no matter how strong and good you think you are.


Every choice we make directs our lives in a sense. Elections are also what we want to see in those around us. So do we choose to close our eyes to evil and focus on good or not?


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