People will not remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel!

We always leave something behind, whether you want it or not. Every word you say, every deed you do, all influence in one way or another something … or someone. However, the thing we should all know is that it is not the words and deeds that remain imprinted in the memory of the people we meet, but the emotions we have provoked.


It is extremely important what we leave behind! And I do not mean wealth, material inheritance, but I mean the good we do to those around us. Maybe you don’t realize how much your gentle words will matter to your child, maybe you don’t realize how much it will matter to your girlfriend that you listened to her for 30 minutes when she needed to share a pain with you. You may not even realize how much you helped the old lady at the station when you offered her your arm to get on the bus.


People will remember the state of peace you created, they will remember the confidence they felt, but they will also remember if you made them feel inferior, they will remember if you humiliated them. , they will remember if you caused them pain … but maybe they won’t remember perfectly! Why? Because the human mind extremely strongly associates people with states … so it is very likely to associate you with great deeds and wise words in the good case … or ugly words that you never said … but the human mind feeds the states, whether it is a good one or a less good one …


It really matters to those around you how they feel in your presence … so let’s take a little care of how we treat them, because we will do more good than we ever realize!


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