Dear woman, you really need a man to love and to love you!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against women’s independence, I’m not against emancipation, I’m not against feminine qualities, but I’m against the exaggerated sexism that has become the letter of the law for some of us, due to the excessive publicity that has been made to these concepts. The fact that you respect yourself, the fact that you take care of yourself, the fact that you want to advance in some areas does not mean that you have to give up the man you love!


Man was left by God on earth not to be alone, but to share his life with someone of the opposite sex. If you love someone and he loves you back, it is impossible for this to pull you back from your goals, on the contrary. Think that the man next to you will support you in any circumstance, will love you even in bad days. Think that you will love him enormously, think that you will have something to fight for: for you two, for your family!


Okay, I’m not saying you have to sit next to a man just for the sake of having a relationship. I say you have to stay with the man you love, because this will make you happier than any advancement, than any high salary. Because these things are temporary, while love is far from over! The fact that you share your life with him does not make you a prisoner, does not force you to make sacrifices, does not restrict you and does not make you give back, on the contrary! These things really happen if you have the right person by your side! But to allow him to show up, you have to give up skepticism, put aside pride, and be willing to give him a chance to show up! And most importantly, you have to want this!


Men are not just accessories, so the increasingly common trend nowadays that involves changing them whenever the season changes is stupid … I know it sounds crazy what I said, but there are enough followers of this trend. And I would really like to sound an alarm system for them: ladies, you will not be happy if you choose to darken your hearts and do only what fashion says!


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