What do I think it means to be a great man …

Being a big man does not mean being two meters tall. To be a great man does not mean to have accumulated an immense wealth and to have a very high social position, to be influential and not to move anything without your consent. Being a great man does not mean inheriting a name or a status. Being a great man happens by itself when you respect, when you love, when you help, when you have no idea that you are actually a great man!


Be very careful. By working, you will surely get the results you wanted. You will somehow manage to grow in the hierarchy of work, you will climb the social ladder even if you have not inherited an important name. You will be able to have what you wanted when you fight for it. But everything will be possible with God by his side. Your true worth will be seen when you reach the top. What will be your reaction? Will you thank God for everything He has given you or take the world in your head, looking at everyone with superiority and assuming some roles just for the sake of exercising your hard-earned superiority?


To be a big man means to be aware that you are in fact a small man. Being big means working hard, but using the benefits to do good to those around you. To be great means to love and respect your fellow men. To be a great man is to be able to forgive. When you’re a big man, you have no idea how much you care for some people … because it seems normal to do everything you can for them.


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