I ask a lot from the man next to me …

For me, I’ve always been looking to find someone I like. Up to a point I never thought about it and I kept trying to give different characters a chance, so as not to risk my soulmate passing me by and not paying attention to him …. so I tried to go out with various types of character to see what kind of feelings develop for him. And it didn’t work until after I chose to give up looking for another relationship … but that’s another story.


However, I understood that I actually had enormous claims from the man next to me and that I did not accept even in my head the deviations from the ideal that haunted my mind … and of which I was not even aware. The funny thing is that I always considered myself a very tolerant person … while I was blowing up all those who had a “defect” that did not fit into my vision. And this without any regret.


I want a lot from the man next to me. I want him to be proud to be with me. I want him to be willing to grow up with me, I want him to work for what he wants, not to receive them ready from his parents and to discover more and more every day, I want evolution. I want them to keep their own words, even in the smallest promises. I want him to be fair and accept that he is not always right. I want him to be aware of his past and to have left him behind for good! I want him to be able to forgive me for when I’m wrong. I want him to respect me even when I annoy him and I want a lot of attention! I want them to believe in God!


It took me a long time to understand that I was actually looking for a lot in him … and I didn’t even agree to live next to someone who didn’t meet all the conditions. And I realized that I did well not to accept less. We deserve a lot from them, and they deserve just as much from us. So, my dear ones, ask the one next to you, because if he is really destined for you, you will receive.


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