If you have the impression that the man who loves you will never leave, you are sorely mistaken. If he chooses to leave you, he’s unlikely to ever look back …

The man who loves you will never ask you for the feelings, sacrifices, efforts he invests in your relationship. He will do his best to be there for you every time you need a shoulder to cry on, a hand to lift you up. But it will need reciprocity for your relationship to survive.


However, at some point it is very possible that the man will leave you … Because he has nothing to offer. Even if he loves you without asking for anything in return, he will not be able to stay in a relationship in which you do not feel the same. He will leave late, because he will grit his teeth at every nice little gesture you make, he will find excuses for every deed … but he will not be able to resist indefinitely.


She will leave when she gets tired, when she sees that she can’t be happy with you. He will leave and not look back when he realizes that he lived in a story created by his imagination, in which you always pulled the trigger from the role he assigned to you. He will leave for good because he will already be fighting with all his might for you … Because for you it didn’t matter enough to realize that everything is getting cold, that the man with whom you share your bed is struggling and praying to You give him a sign to stay … And you don’t.


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