We love the filter!

We are beautiful. We are human beings, that is, created in the image and likeness of God. We are so beautiful on the outside that we manage to fool those around us that we are beautiful on the inside as well. We are beautiful creatures from head to toe, but we have to work on what is inside us. We look at ourselves so much in the mirror, but are we just as concerned about the soul?


We really like filters: we like Instagram, we like Snapchat, we like Retrica and more and more. How many hours do we lose in our lives choosing photos for Facebook? How much do we focus on the position of the pictures? Let’s not look fat! What if the face looks weird from one point? Which filter looks best? Should we use puppy ears or crowns? Whatever the filter is, as long as it hides our pimples, wipes our circles or thins our waist ….


We need to look more beautiful than we really are, because if we used that time to search our heart for evil and remove it, it would be too tiring, we would have to work harder than choosing the filter, we change that very good opinion of ourselves and see that in fact we are much uglier … we would not have so much time to forget in the mirror, because we would really work to change our lives, to become as we are. -God created: without a filter.


We need to deceive ourselves, to hide behind a filter. We need to forget that we are not what we should be. We need to “fool” time and believe that everything is fine, because life goes on even when we are vipers. We need filters because we are too cowardly to sit face to face with a mirror and not look at our face, but see ourselves flawed … even if we are.


The filter is very clever … because without it, we don’t seem to like it. And how to live with ourselves if we don’t like ourselves? We have to hide behind filters, because the exterior is much easier to change than what is inside us. And we are lazy … until we start the hard work, we stay with the filter …


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