Forgive and heal

Many diseases of the body are consequences of what is happening inside you, in your heart. Every disease has its roots in the absence of forgiveness. If you have someone you can’t forgive or who hasn’t forgiven you, this will manifest itself in one way or another on your health. Include forgiveness in your treatment, in case you follow any and you may be surprised at how you will heal.


Forgiveness means liberation for you: liberation from the past, liberation from people who do not make you happy. Forgiveness involves leaving behind any trace of regret, resentment towards anyone and everything, and it means choosing to love. It means leaving behind the ugly thoughts that appear in your head, it means going further, living differently. Forgiveness results in physical healing, because it involves a change in thinking, a change in life.


Start by forgiving yourself. Forgive yourself for the bad things you have done to yourself and others. You certainly have the ability to distinguish good from evil, so you can realize that there are things you did wrong. Ask God for forgiveness for them. forgive yourself. Ask forgiveness from those you have hurt. Accept responsibility for what you have done and change.


Problems arise because we don’t get forgiven, we move on as if nothing had happened … and later we end up suffering because of what happened …. because no matter how easy it would seem that we ignore that evil we have gone through in one way or another, the more difficult it will be to discover the source of our pain later. Don’t wait until the hospital bed to forgive. Forgive in time and detach your life from everything that makes you sick, from everything that oppresses your soul. No wound is accidental, and healing begins with the soul.


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