Today is tomorrow’s past. You choose whether you will be proud of him or regret it!

Today I want to talk a little about sex, pride and gossip. I chose to put them all in the same category because they are closely related and, unfortunately, we are not aware of how much they can affect life in a negative way later. Why not? Because the general opinion that society promotes intensively is that it is very good to test anything, to experiment. Gossip is the favorite occupation of many of us and criticizes everyone, whether they are successful (“it’s not clean that they are doing so well”) or have problems (“they just deserve them”). Pride comes as an appendage of the two, that we like so much to be proud of new conquests as we gossip!


We women are in constant search of the great love of our lives. So we are aware that that special someone exists and that at some point we will meet him. However, we do not wait to share the most beautiful moments with that special someone, but we let ourselves be seduced and abandoned. By default, we get to the sex chapter. Even if we don’t feel ready, we still choose to take our heart in our teeth and do this, for the most part, so as not to lose it. Good. We need to learn something: If he truly loves you, he will wait to have you even after the wedding if need be!


Sex is promoted everywhere as being beneficial to health, that it has various therapeutic attributions and so on .. Well, so be it! But what no one promotes is how much it can make you regret it. When you meet the right person with whom to happily share everything, you will want to tell him everything, you will want to live with him the most beautiful moments and you will want to give him everything you have the best. How will you do that if you’ve been through it all? When you really care about him, you will regret it if you can’t give him what he deserves. Plus the mistakes are paid for, and the memories of the past will haunt you until you manage to break away from them … and it will last … and you will have to regret … So why would you hurry? in curiosity? Because you’re forced? You can call on the help of the brain in those moments …. See what he has to say, it doesn’t hurt!


Gossip is the eternal problem of the 21st century, of the 20th, 19th century and so on … because since the human race is known, the best topic of discussion is what it has done here or there, that is, gossip … It doesn’t matter that in the spotlight is someone who works, who struggles to achieve something, who sees his life, or there is talk of someone he likes to receive, who does not do much with his life. The eternal dogs (I’m not just talking about women !!!) will always have something to comment on, an opinion to share. Of course, no one really deserves anything (in their view), but it is pure luck. The general opinion about anyone is that he is a fool (apart from their majesties, of course), most of the time weaving all sorts of more or less true stories … maybe even about people they didn’t know. never!


Let’s look at things a little differently. Let’s say you’re caught in a discussion about someone you don’t know, but the general opinion at the table is very bad … and you get caught up in this chain and you share the same ugly words you hear. If tomorrow or in the near future you know that person and you realize that you were completely wrong? We could make a small analogy with a slightly more abstract situation: you are on a high hill and you have a pillow in your arms, which you break into pieces. The flakes in that pillow will scatter in the wind (like your words), they will reach the ground, and you will never be able to gather them all and rebuild the pillow. Why did you destroy it? You don’t know either … Even with the words: you can’t take them back, no matter how much you regret it, so be careful if you use them to caress or sting!


Pride comes as a cover for the two. The new conquests must be a cause for praise, because only everyone should know that it has to do with a new Casanova, right? … It also applies to gossip … that we just have to be proud that we have opinions, not? It doesn’t matter that they are related to people or topics we have nothing to do with …


Off, if we learn our minds once! Is it really so important for us to ignore any moral value and be proud of some nonsense?


Take care of yourself! In addition to the fact that you will suffer from your actions and you will have to pay for them in one way or another, there is the possibility of hurting those around you. Why would you do this? What you do today will be reflected in your condition tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or in a year. Choose to do things to be reconciled to at all times, not regrets. It’s so easy to give in to the temptation of the moment … and you’ll only realize later that you were wrong when you have to pay … And it will be expensive!


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