The thing with the former is something like this: you can carry them with you all your life, speaking ill of them … or you can leave them behind, forget them and detach yourself permanently from the past that made you suffer. . Which one sounds best to you?

The “former” chapter is very difficult for most of us to approach, but many of us misunderstand it (including me for some time now). Even if they came out of our lives through the ugly attitude they have repeatedly shown, through the fact that they have betrayed our trust and feelings, because they have used us to achieve their goals (and the list goes on infinite), this does not mean that they have gone through our lives in vain. God wanted to teach us something that allowed them to get in our way … and for that we have to thank Him!

Our job is to recover from a difficult breakup, from someone who betrayed us in every way possible (to recover in the true sense of the word, not to live an illusion that we would be fine). Because they have harmed us, we have the impression that we have to pay them with the same currency, so we tend to speak ill of them, to discuss embarrassing details in public, we even cause them problems in life out of a desire to take revenge. We make a huge mistake when we think we have the right to do these things and not do ourselves a favor, but derail on a slope that brings out the worst in ourselves.


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