Let them believe what they want about you. It’s their problem.

Have an opinion about yourself and try to improve it from day to day FOR YOU, not for friends, not for acquaintances and not for strangers who think they know something about you on facebook (as a note, stop accepting in the list of friends people you don’t know, because the only one you hurt is you! … but that’s another story).


The words of others reach you only if you let them. Why bother to change the opinions of others when you should see your life and do things that make you happy? And what if those others consider frivolous or absurd? What is their problem? Do you want to change the way people say what? Where to go? Do you really feel like someone really cares about you when they give their opinion? People like to talk even sometimes without purpose, but just for the sake of giving their mouths, so why would their opinions affect you if even they don’t care?


Some do not have a life of their own and prefer to comment on others. So if you “have the misfortune” to have a beautiful and fulfilled life and do your job, most likely this will not suit them at all … and they will feel compelled to express their dissatisfaction …. Notice that In this context, will the fact that you choose to put these opinions to heart lead you to a point where you will regret that you are living your life in peace? And you notice the absurdity of the situation, right?


Let them make as much trouble as they want, let them stir as much as they like. The only thing you can do to get others to change their minds is to change you … and why would you do that if you feel you are going in the right direction? It’s really not your problem to listen to the complaints of others. Be they related to you. (Okay, if you got hurt in one way or another, then do something about it!) You’ll never be to everyone’s liking … and why would you try in the end?


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