The Birth of a Special Filly: Coconut – A Rare Treasure from Down Under Colour

Unveiling a Rare Jewel

Scott and Jackie Nelson, esteemed horse breeders hailing from the beautiful town of Melbourne, Florida, were left utterly amazed by a recent surprise at their cherished ranch, Down Under Colour. It was a joyous occasion, as they celebrated the birth of a truly extraordinary filly. They lovingly named her Coconut, a fitting tribute to her captivating appearance and the significance she holds in indigenous culture.


A Connection to a Glorious Past

Transporting us back to earlier times, horses like Coconut were held in the highest regard by indigenous people. These horses were known as warhorses, cherished possessions that held great value and purpose. In the indigenous tribes, they were ridden by revered medicine men, who played vital roles as spiritual guides and priestly healers.

A True Warrior’s Steed

A genuine warhorse possesses remarkable attributes that make it truly stand out. Sporting a stunning pinto coat with patches of white, there is a special marking atop its head and ears, often referred to as a ‘medicine hat’ or ‘war bonnet.’ These unique markings were believed to bestow the horse with mystical powers, safeguarding the tribe from harm’s way.


The Eyes that Speak of Destiny

Intriguingly, a warhorse must possess an enchanting detail – a blue eye. According to age-old indigenous tradition, this blue eye symbolized the horse’s ability to carry the spirit of their fallen medicine man to the realm of the Gods. It was believed that warhorses brought divine fortune and ensured safety for the entire tribe.

Coveted and Valued

Warhorses were highly sought after, so much so that rival tribes would sometimes go to great lengths to acquire them. These magnificent creatures were seen as vessels of magic and power, and possessing a warhorse meant inheriting the strength and influence of the tribe to which it belonged. Consequently, they were closely guarded and cherished.

A Moment Frozen in Awe

When Coconut arrived with her rare and captivating markings, Scott and Jackie Nelson were left speechless. The miraculous moment of discovery was beautifully captured on video, which they warmly shared with the world. The heartwarming footage has since taken the internet by storm, amassing an astounding 4 million views and still counting.

Coconut's birth

A Gateway to Curiosity and Wonder

The sight of Coconut’s remarkable birth has sparked a renewed interest in the indigenous folklore surrounding warhorses. Do you wonder about the mystical prowess attributed to these magnificent creatures? Share this awe-inspiring article and captivating video with cherished friends who would cherish the story of Scott and Jackie’s rare and precious filly, Coconut. Let us revel in the remarkable fortune found in the arms of Down Under Colour.


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