If you have the chance to do something good, do it!

You will always have the opportunity to help, to make a small effort to make one’s day or even one’s life a little better. You will have the opportunity to give something, even a small gesture or a kind word, you will have the opportunity to do something for others. Consider these opportunities (believe me, there are greater opportunities than you could ever imagine!).


Of course, you’ll never be forced to do something if you don’t want to … but if you haven’t been taught to do well, know that it’s never too late to start. It doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 30 years old, know that there is a time for you. The point is, you choose how you react … and you can choose and completely ignore the people you could help, but you can choose to do something. So you better do something for them!


Even if you will not be rewarded with money, with promotions, with who knows what other things to tickle your pride, you will receive thanks. Don’t do it for appreciation, don’t do it to earn something … just be good.


You will not be asked for more than you can give. By your strength, do not skimp on money or nice words, because where you come from love, you will receive back. Don’t consider winning, but be an instrument for God to do good on Earth, because you have this chance and it feels so good!


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