Sally Field, 77, Was Dubbed ‘Ugly’ After Deciding to Age Naturally

She Found Joy in Being a Grandmother of 5, Living in an Ocean-View House.

Sally Field is primarily known for her matriarchal performances. However, she has also played light-hearted TV roles, including a brief appearance on the American sitcom “Gidget,” which aired for only one season between 1965 and 1966.

She once stated that she had a great time filming the series, in which she played a teen, and that, even though it was short-lived, it opened doors to other roles, transforming her into a Hollywood powerhouse to be reckoned with.

The show contributed significantly to her accomplishment by keeping her motivated. Field had a rough upbringing as a result of her stepfather. She used the acting opportunity as an escape, which led her to audition for the Columbia Pictures acting workshop.

The California native would subsequently star in the three-season sitcom “The Flying Nun,” which aired from 1967 to 1970. In the series, she portrayed Sister Bertrille.

Field, who had recently received the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, then attended in Actors Studios from 1973 to 1975 to enhance her acting skills and graduated as a dramatic actress. She later participated in the 1976 picture “Sybil,” which is when she gained the attention of Hollywood by landing respectable roles.

Field’s next part was in the 1979 drama picture “Norma Rae” as a union organizer. She won an Academy Award for her performance.

At the age of eighteen, the Hall of Famer had her first big break. She graduated from Birmingham High School in the Van Nuys neighborhood, where she discovered her passion for acting.

The two-time Golden Globe winner was a member of the theater club, which piqued her interest in pursuing an acting career after graduation. However, because she never took a SAT test, the famous star initially had no intentions after high school.

She has been in show business for some years and has been through two divorces. Field’s first marriage was to her high school lover, Steven Craig, in 1968. The former couple had two boys, Peter and Eli, before splitting up in 1975 after seven years of marriage.

The Hollywood celebrity then began an affair with actor Burt Reynolds, whom she compared to her stepfather. In 1984, she remarried film producer Alan Greisman, with whom she had a son named Samuel. However, they divorced in 1994.

Field’s love life and career were stalled at the time. “She wasn’t getting any acting offers that were very substantial,” a pal revealed, “and she pretty much gave up on the dating scene.”

But things changed for the better when she received an Oscar nomination for her role as Mary Todd Lincoln in the film “Lincoln,” and she thereafter landed other TV and film roles. Furthermore, the friend revealed more about her romantic outlook:

“Sally is content with her life as it is. She has no plans to marry again, which is OK.”

According to an informant, the mother of three spends a lot of time with her brother Richard and Hollywood acquaintances, including Tom Hanks, as well as her brood and grandchildren.

Field selected a down-to-earth path of natural aging after becoming recognized as a young ingenue. She acknowledged her aging process in a March 2016 interview, saying she has accepted it:

“I’m an old lady. “70 is an old age, and that’s fine.”

Although she dislikes some aspects of growing older, such as her neck, she has made peace with it. She revealed in 2009, at the age of 63, that she felt delighted to have aged naturally without the need of plastic surgery:

“When I see myself on TV, I think, ‘Oh, I wish that weren’t happening to my neck.'” And your face is collapsing, and your eyes are bulging.”

Field, on the other hand, remembered certain people she thought were beautiful when they were young but had gone under the knife and she had changed her mind.

“Now I think to myself, ‘Oh dear, don’t do that!'” And that feels so demeaning to who they are now,” the two-time Academy Award winner stated.

Field said she didn’t want to age but accepted that there was nothing she could do about it. Instead, she looked to fellow Hollywood stars like Helen Hayes and Jessica Tandy, who aged elegantly in their older years while still working.

The Tony Award winner, who has been acting for six decades, claimed the women looked magnificent in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. She wants to play specific parts as she ages and does not want to appear weird when that moment comes.

She was chastised for her appearance.
Field was diagnosed with osteoporosis before she turned 60 in 2005, a “silent disease” due to the lack of early symptoms until it causes harm. The legendary actor spoke of his diagnosis:

“I was always aware that I met the risk profile. I was slender, small-boned, Caucasian, and approaching 60. “However, I was astounded at how quickly a woman could progress from being at risk to having full-blown osteoporosis.”

The condition weakens the bones to the point where they readily break, particularly those in the hip, wrist, and backbone (spine).

Women are said to be more susceptible to the illness than men, owing to hormonal changes after menopause that impair bone density.

Oestrogen, the female hormone, is required for healthy bones, but levels drop after menopause, resulting in a significant fall in bone density.

Field noted that she always ate good foods, exercised, and took calcium when discussing her issue. Despite her attempts, she was unable to prevent the diagnosis.

Early signs of osteoporosis include a loss of height over time, back pain, and a stooped posture of a bone prone to breaking.

Exercise, medicine, mineral supplements, and vitamins are all used to treat osteoporosis. To avoid contracting the condition, one should take supplements and exercise frequently.


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