Princess Charlotte burst into tears at her great-grandmother’s funeral

It was said that Princess Charlotte broke down in tears as she said her final goodbyes to her great-grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

After the service at Westminster Abbey appeared to be too much for the young princess, who was then seven years old, she was consoled by her mother, who is now known as the Princess of Wales.

Royals fans were quick to react on Princess Charlotte’s display of sorrow for the late monarch after she posted a photo of herself crying on social media.

Someone wrote, “Seeing Charlotte in such a state today has completely destroyed my heart.”

A second user commented, “Princess Charlotte wiping tears has set me off,” and a third user posted, “Bless her……tears for Gan-Gan #PrincessCharlotte.” “Princess Charlotte wiping tears has set me off,”

A fourth person commented that it was “very heartbreaking to see Charlotte break down in tears and George appear visibly worried.” “I can’t imagine how stressful it must have been for the royal children.”

A fifth shared their thoughts, saying, “That photo of Princess Charlotte crying has completely broken me.”

Earlier today, the young princess accompanied her brother, Prince George, who is now second in line to the throne, as they walked behind the casket containing their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Reportedly calling her “Gan Gan,” the children were among the youngest mourners to follow the casket into Westminster Abbey for the memorial service, which was attended by approximately 2,000 people. The service was held in honor of the late Queen.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George were escorted by their parents as they walked behind the newly crowned King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. Their parents walked on either side of them, one in front of the other.

Prince Louis, who is only four years old, was not present during the event.

However, his mother did discuss the small boy’s painful reaction to the news that his great-grandmother had passed away with one of the well-wishers who had been royally appointed to care for him.

The Princess of Wales disclosed the information. Louis shared his thoughts, saying, “At least Great Grandpa is with Grannie now.”

According to the Mirror, Prince William stated that he and Kate Middleton’s three children were able to spend a significant amount of quality time with Queen Elizabeth II and “make memories that will last them their entire lives.”

On the other hand, the Princess of Wales has stated in another context that because Louis is so young, he is having trouble comprehending the finality of the Queen’s passing.

David Hurley, the Governor-General of Australia, was quoted as saying that she shared the following with him: “The younger one is now asking questions like, ‘do you think we can still play these games when we go to Balmoral?’ and other things like that, because she’s not going to be there.”

It is reported that Prince George is growing more aware of the significant role that his great-grandmother, who ruled the United Kingdom longer than any previous queen, played in the country’s history.

According to the news published by MailOnline, Kate stated that he is “kind of now seeing how significant his great-grandmother was and what is going on.”


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