Prince Harry felt humiliated at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral:

According to sources, Prince Harry experienced a “humiliation” just moments before standing guard at the Queen’s vigil, and this appears to be causing further pressure in the already strained relationship between members of the royal family.

Prince Harry, who is 38 years old, accepted the honor of standing guard over his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin while he was attired in his military uniform.

For the responsibility that he assumed on Saturday, he dressed in his uniform since his father, King Charles III, had requested that he do so.

However, according to sources from The Times, Prince Harry was said to be “devastated” when he received his uniform from Buckingham Palace yesterday and discovered that his grandmother’s ER initials had been removed from the shoulder of the garment.

Because he is no longer a working royal, the opportunity for the prince, who served in Afghanistan for two tours and witnessed combat on the frontlines during both of those tours, to wear his military uniform in public while he mourns has been previously denied to him.

During the vigil that took place on Friday night, the matter became even more problematic when it was discovered that the Duke of York, who is no longer a working royal, had kept the initials from his vice-uniform. Admiral’s A friend claims that just minutes before Harry left for Westminster Hall, he pondered donning a morning suit instead so that he could avoid the ‘humiliation’ of being seen in his robes.

They stated that: “He is heartbroken. It appears that his grandmother’s initials were purposefully omitted from the document.”

This is the most recent occurrence in what has been portrayed as a continuous conflict involving the royal family, Prince Harry, and his wife Meghan Markle.

According to a story by Mail Online, Prince Harry and Meghan discovered through the media that they had been “uninvited” to a reception held at Buckingham Palace.

Both were rumored to have been invited to the celebration that took place at Buckingham Palace on Sunday, but they were subsequently prevented from attending the gathering. It was rumored that the explanation offered was that the event was reserved exclusively for working royals.

On Monday, September 19, at eleven in the morning local time in London, Westminster Abbey will be the location of the funeral for the Queen.

The heartfelt event will be broadcast on major television channels, and a bank holiday will be observed in recognition of the occasion. Those who choose to grieve the passing of Queen Elizabeth II will have the opportunity to do so as a result of this.


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