Never look down on anyone!

You will see all kinds of people around you, each different from any and one more special than another. You will see people around you with money and you will see people with whom life has not been so gentle as to pamper them. You will see around you people who believe in God and people who do not believe in anything. You will see so many people in each …


You should not despise anyone, whether they have a direct influence on your life or not. Take care of your life, your way and let them live as they see fit. You have the right to intervene and say a good word to them when you can help them, when you can teach them something about God, when you can do something good for them.


Maybe you will have higher education. Maybe you will have a brilliant career. Maybe you’ll end up doing everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Maybe you will have something to donate to others so as to make their existence easier. Others may not be as lucky and will start from the bottom. Don’t look down on those people! Don’t consider yourself superior! By no means! Everyone has a purpose on this Earth. Maybe you couldn’t manage in their place! God does nothing by mistake, so He knows exactly what His plans are for each of us and He loves us all!


Your human essence is seen in your behavior with those around you. If you feel that success is forever, you are sorely mistaken. Money will not stay close to you when you need a soul close. The leadership position will not satisfy you when you need guidance from God! Do not form a wrong opinion about what it means to live beautifully and well and do not make the mistake of ever believing yourself superior, regardless of the man in front of you!


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