Betrayal = anything you do that you can’t tell the person next to you

Betrayal does not necessarily find you between other legs than those of your wife. You can betray and deceive in so many ways … but a definition that encompasses them all would sound something like this: “betrayal involves anything you do and you can’t tell the person next to you.”


Why do people betray each other? I have no idea … maybe they don’t love each other enough … or maybe they don’t respect themselves enough. They find excuses: either to get bored or to remove the monotony of the relationship, thus staying close to the one who loves him / her so much (this seems to me the best), or so in nature, so they also heard that they behave to make the world notice you, that you are smart … and more and more …. and they are all so stupid … but still they are all found in today’s world.


You betray by HIDDEN talking to other women / other men (let’s not be absurd and say that you have to turn into a strange man who no longer has any dialogue except those with your girlfriend / boyfriend), you betray by going out with other women / other men, if YOU HIDE THIS FROM YOUR GIRLFRIEND / YOUR LOVE, you broadly betray when you do things that the person next to you asked you not to do and DO NOT TELL HIM about them … whether you want to to spare a suffering, an argument … or you know that this would lead to the breakup of your relationship, which you love so much. We all make mistakes, but to keep our mistakes hidden from those who might choose something else based on them is betrayal.


Well, if you love your partner so much, who makes you step on the light bulb? And worse, why do you keep making mistakes, constantly lying? How can you live next to a man you lie to, how can you withstand all the tension that builds up in your heart? Know that this is not love! Everyone is wrong, but betrayal is pure choice.


Betrayal imposes a lie. By lying, you have to get dirty and keep lying. Even if you can find mitigating circumstances, even if you have the impression that you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and there are a million logical explanations for your actions, know that betrayal is still betrayal …. and only you the decisions you make. At least in the twelfth hour, choose to be honest with the man next to you, because he deserves to know the truth. Go ahead, take the consequences and move on, because maybe it will be worse, but maybe it will be better.


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