Most of the time his hesitation is a very clear answer!

Don’t be fooled into believing that he wants you in his life and doesn’t know how to tell you when you get into a more difficult situation. A man who wants to solve a problem wants to talk, wants to clarify the situation, to explain the facts or thoughts … or to ask for explanations from the one he loves and wants by his side forever.


If you ask him for an answer for something important, and he is silent, take it as it is and you will not find excuses, mitigating circumstances … the fact that he does not want to say anything can mean either that he is not determined he answers you. If you want to see things as they are, look at his face and you will be able to find your answer without asking him anything …. if you are determined enough that you want to know your place in his life … if not, you can go on and hope that things may be different.


The hesitation is often very clear, but the way we choose to interpret it is wrong. Maybe if we were aware that people still make mistakes, that often we can’t do anything to prevent this and that there is a possibility that they will hurt us …. because maybe they don’t care as much as they once did. and we should take this as it is and realize that the end will be the same … maybe just postponed.


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