Without dreams we get nowhere. Without love we feel nothing. Without God we mean nothing.

Dreams never happen at night. Dreams are the ideals we have that give us a purpose. Without dreams we don’t get too far because we don’t know which way to go. And most of the time it’s the things we fear the most. We want them so much, but still few of us have the courage to follow them … because they are afraid of what the stranger has in store for them, they are afraid of the insecurity with which they have become accustomed. But we have them. My advice is to keep them, not suffocate them! Without them we will stagnate … we will not be able to strive for the better.


We often give love to those who do not appreciate it. Many times we end up with a broken heart, many times we wish we would never go through a painful breakup … because in the end we seem to forget all the beautiful moments (and I’m sure there were a few in each relationship) and we only remember the suffering. From love starts any other feeling. Without it we will not be able to feel any pity, no sympathy, not even hatred … to empty our souls of any emotion is the worst thing we can do.


Without God we are nothing. He loved us even before He created us. He has allowed us to err, He does not judge us, and He helps us every time we ask Him. Moreover, He lifts us up every time we are down, He gives us ten times what we ask of Him … He loved us and loved us so much that He sacrificed His only Son so that we could live forever. .. And he asks us to believe in Him. If we have His faith and love in our souls, we lack nothing, even if we do not have much money. He makes us strong, He protects us … and He even faces the anger we feel from time to time … But I don’t think he appreciates our indifference.


For God you count every second. He always answers you, even if sometimes harder than you want. He knows much better than you when the time is right for everything. So trust Him with all your being, He will not disappoint you. A friendly relationship with God is the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself. Do your best not to disappoint Him and not be afraid to talk to Him always, not just when you need help. Tell her everything that makes you happy and less happy.


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