Loving is a choice

Movies often ruin reality. In general, most screenplays start with “a boy loved a girl”, after which the imagination of screenwriters and directors enters the scene and builds the story to be further exposed to romance consumers. We see every day on the small screens how the two fall in love … and that’s about it. We don’t really see what happens next, what happens to the butterflies in the stomach.


I sincerely believe that true love comes after we fall in love, only after we open the eyes of the mind and see who we have next to us, when we consciously choose to stay with the man we once fell in love with. I know it seems painful, but love is a state that takes us by surprise, that appears without our consent and that runs away from the landscape quite quickly. And yet, love is for life.


Mature love involves more than kisses, sex, caresses, giggles and nice gestures. To love means to choose to stay close to him / her every minute. To love means to give him the opportunity to make you happy, but also to give him the “right” to make you cry, but to trust that he will not do it. You choose every day if you love or if you retire. You choose every day to do what makes him / her happy or to hurt your elbow and go your own way … But your choices come with their consequences.


God, since Adam and Eve, has given us the right to choose how we live our lives, whether we choose to listen to Him or not (and we have been wrong as human beings ever since). Love is itself a choice we have to make every day. Love is beautiful even after that love passes. To have the man by your side who would do anything for you, to have a common path on this Earth, I think is a good choice, but one that no one can force you to make.


Choosing to do the little things that you know the other person enjoys, that you know make them feel important in your life, is your choice. Many times you may have to leave you to have that peace and quiet as a couple … and here many of us get stuck … because we are not even willing to try. Then you choose whether you love or not.


For your choices, you don’t have to let someone else judge you or accuse you, but be prepared to take the consequences. The same in love. If you choose your own person next to you in the place that you know you can love and that you know would do anything for you, then you will stay with yourself. If that’s what you want, it’s your choice.


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