Why are we ashamed?

We learn from childhood that there is shame, but often this part of life causes us problems later and slowly “helps” us to lose confidence in our own strength. Why? Because people are often too concerned about what other people will say about them … and they also teach their children not to “shame them in public” by doing this or that thing.


Unfortunately, we often misunderstand the values ​​we need to appreciate. We have to take a job, an apartment or a house, a fine car, because if not, what will people say? What will the world say if our children have lower grades than their friends? What will the world say if I choose to follow God? God, if they call me “repentant”, I will die of shame …


We are ashamed of people who will judge us, but we are not ashamed of how much we hurt God when we make decisions that do not honor Him. We try at all costs to please people, but we don’t even think that God loves us enough to die for us. What man would do that to us?


Dear people, the truth is that some people cannot be satisfied, no matter how hard we try. Reputation is extremely important in the society we live in … why, we don’t know either. It’s okay to drink / smoke / gossip, because only everyone sins. But let us not be according to God’s will, let us live our lives as He would like, that only everyone would gossip about us and we would not want this, that only so much does people’s opinion about us matter. God, on the other hand, we can thank, but it doesn’t even cross our minds to try.


We are not ashamed of God, and His is the only opinion that should matter to us … but we are ashamed of what the world will say. It’s sad, but maybe we’ll wake up at some point and understand that people’s shame has no place in our lives.


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