When the justifications don’t make sense …

I chose. I was wrong. Recognize. Beg your pardon. Forgive me. I assume.


If we follow the above algorithm, it is possible that things will become much simpler both for us and for everyone around us. We are people. We are very wrong. We take risks and make hasty decisions because it does not even cross our minds to ask God to guide us. We stubbornly learn nothing … and repeat.


Keep your promises, no matter if things change and you know that in the end you will lose. Your words are worth a lot, even if you don’t realize it. If you are not going to respect them, soon no one will listen to what you have to say and will no longer trust you. Take on every promise, no matter how hard it is for you to keep it. If you know you can’t, don’t promise. Don’t waste words just to have something to say.


Acknowledge your mistakes and stop looking for explanations. All you have done, whether good or bad, is your choice. Do well. Understand that no one is against you and that the biggest obstacle in your life can often be yourself. It is your choice if you choose to react to the impulse, if you let yourself be guided by strong feelings provoked in a second or if you think before making a decision. No one is to blame for how you choose to be or what you choose to do. That “I was nervous” you said after you got hurt doesn’t make sense.


If you seek to be right even when you are not, you will only lose. Your judgment may fail and you must assume this. You are not omniscient. No man is. Without God we fall … because we turn our backs on Him … but we don’t take it upon ourselves. Justice is free not to be on your side if that is the truth. You can not do anything. Just assume your mistakes, don’t force your point of view just because you feel like it’s the best. Or worse, don’t force anyone to accept your mistakes.


Refrain from justification and be mature. Assume the consequences of your words and deeds. Don’t look for justifications for when you make a mistake, but learn from them. That way the past will no longer manifest in your present, and the future will look much brighter.


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