Learn to give up more easily and smile more

We tend to take ourselves too seriously. We tend towards great things, towards high goals, and the obvious ones, small and simple, that we encounter every day, we prefer to neglect them, to forget to fight for them. We want to do “something” with our lives, to change something, to be remembered in one way or another. And so we actually neglect all that is most beautiful: we neglect our love, our family, ourselves many times.

Learn to give up what hurts you. Don’t pull on people’s teeth, occupations that don’t represent you, anything you don’t feel right when you bring them close to you. We need to learn to give up the things that bring us down, but that we do to prove something new … or to anyone else. Why? Because we do well by giving up the things that hurt us, forgiving all the harm that has been done to us and that we have done. Because that’s how we free ourselves and clean our lives!

God does not want to see us sad! He encourages us to smile, to laugh, to sing to Him with all our hearts. God does not want to upset us even when we beat her. He wants us to trust Him, to let Him guide us where we need to be. God believes that He wants us to radiate happiness, and this is possible with Him, it is possible every day thanks to Him, if we put all our trust in Him. It is possible even when we have every reason to be gloomy. We must learn to smile, to trust God, because no matter how much we struggle with our own selfish “peace” that does not give us peace, the truth is that He knows us much better than we do and knows that joy our realness is possible only because of Him and through Him.


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