No, brother, you’re not weak …

No, brother, you’re not weak. Do not consider yourself weak because you are not able to give up the vices in your life. You are not weak to cheat, you are not weak to speak ill, to drink, to smoke, to take drugs. No, you’re not weak. You do all this because you are a sinner, because you like sin. You use the excuse that you are weak to wash your conscience, because you know how wrong the things you do are.

You are a sinner. We are all sinners … we are human. This is our struggle and we will never be perfect. God is the only one who is perfect, and by relating to Him, we see how wicked we really are. We choose the path we want to follow. Yes, problems will arise if we choose to cleanse our lives and walk in His way, but I strongly believe that everything will be worthwhile in the end, and the hardest part of this journey is that we will not walk it alone, but with God. , and He will take care of our every step.

Yes, you are weak and you will see this when you will not be able to succeed on your own in some situations. At some point you will get tired and you will have the impression that your prayers will not be answered. Yes, we are weak, but God expects us to ask Him to help us in every plan of our lives. And it helps us. He doesn’t expect us to ever make a mistake. But He wants us to apologize when we are wrong. And forgive our mistakes. And it lifts us up, helps us move forward … but it doesn’t force its way into our lives.

You don’t say “yes” to vices because you’re weak, but you say “yes” because you choose to do those things. It is not weak or strong in this regard. It’s just a matter of choice and that’s it. You can invoke weakness as an excuse for everything you do, you can fool your girlfriend that you can’t be the husband of one woman, you can fool your friends that alcohol or tobacco are the only things that help you relax, you can fool yourself even yourself that you are too weak to be holy, but you cannot fool God. And the fact that we will reap what we have sown is without a doubt and maybe true …

We like to sin. We live in a world where pride, ignorance, insensibility, indifference are elevated to the rank of virtues. What modesty, what humility, what faith if I don’t bring you money, social position? We live in an enormous lie, but we have in us the power to distinguish good from evil. The fact that we choose to be guided by sin is a choice for which we will be held accountable. Weakness is not a reason to justify our deeds, but we have an escape if we come before God with every thing that is not according to His will. Only then do we discover how weak we are.


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