Know that you have chosen the right job if you do not look forward to the day when you can go home.

You can be anything! You can fulfill all your dreams. You can have any job, you can help more than you can imagine. You can change the world by changing one person or maybe more. You can be a man from whom others have something to learn, you can be a man who always has a good word for other people. You can spread healthy teachings. You can enjoy life by reaping what it has to offer. You can be free, you can not limit yourself in patterns!


You can also struggle, you can choose a job with the thought that it will help you earn some money in life, to have a comfortable and stable life. You can work hard to build your fortunes here on earth. You can work for pleasure or you can work because you have to … all these choices are in your hands, but it is very difficult to realize this. It’s hard to realize that if you want to do what you love, absolutely anything else will come your way. You don’t have to wake up from your dream!


Don’t think about going to a job because you know that “it’s for the future”, even if you are convinced that it doesn’t suit you in any color and that you won’t do it with pleasure. Even if you went to college in a field and only then did you realize that this is not your dream, you are not obliged to work all your life in that direction, but on the contrary.


The beginning will be difficult when you will not have supporters, obstacles will arise that you will overcome because God will help you enormously if your goal is a clear one and you are determined not to leave behind your pain.


It’s never too late to make the right choices. Don’t torment your life by running after money, social positions or recognizing others. You will realize at some point that none of this mattered, and you may have lost a lot by then. You will know that you are in the right place when you get there. Maybe you will work hours, maybe days or weeks. You will ask for more because every minute will seem like a blessing. And so it will be. It is a blessing to do pleasing things to God, and your reward will be more valuable than all the treasures of this world.


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