It is much easier to replace than to repair …

We don’t know how to sew anymore … that it doesn’t make sense. And so the malls are full of clothes. We don’t know how to cook anymore … it doesn’t make sense, since my mother is close and helps us every time we ask her … not to mention the multitude of restaurants of all kinds that open as if every day at every corner of the street. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise.


There is no point in staying in a relationship when there is so much fish in the pond. There is no point in trying to listen, to make an effort to understand what the expectations of the person next to us are. We are no longer willing to give up pride even after fierce battles … We are no longer willing to give a man the right to know us, to be by our side when it is difficult for us, we are not willing to dream with anyone, to build, to give all our love … because it’s harder, because we won’t be able to leave whenever we dare.


It is very difficult to hear when you are told that you were wrong, let alone to accept this and to struggle to change something about yourself, to give up certain things that cause suffering to the person next to you. Communication really proves to be a big obstacle in the way of any relationship today, probably because people don’t feel like getting involved anymore, probably because they don’t want to think anymore … because they think that it doesn’t make sense anyway.


NOW it’s much easier to throw away your feelings and those of your loved one, it’s easier to leave everything behind and sleep. What about tomorrow? You may be sorry that you drove away the man who was willing to love you forever. Even if you want to get rid of any “worries” easily today, you may have a lot to lose tomorrow.


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