If you love him, let him go!

Many of us, ladies, have a little control problem. By this problem I mean that we like a little bit to have control over everything that moves around us. From the projects we do in collaboration with other people, to the couple’s relationships. We like to check everything so that things go the way we want and we do our best to get as much information as possible about what is happening in our absence …


I think all this comes from the lack of trust we actually have for the one next to us. Because we want to keep him by our side at all costs, we want to know his every move, to know his friends, to know where and with whom he is when he is not with us. Maybe this is also due to an insecurity we feel towards ourselves, because we are not aware of how much we have to offer to the man next to us and we do not understand why they would choose us at the expense of so many other women. on the world map.


I noticed these things on my own and until I recognized them myself I did not manage to correct them. Finally, I understood that no matter how much I would like to be safe, things in my relationship will not always happen the way I want, but that’s better.


When love is true, full trust in the partner also comes. No matter how much you love the one next to you, you will never be able to hold him by force. He will stay because he loves you, because he finds peace with you, because that’s what he wants. Do not expect from your relationship to know everything about him, but know him for what he is as a person, with flaws and qualities.


If you really love him, let him out of the house without stressing him every few minutes with phones, don’t try to control his actions and feelings. You will not succeed. He does not impose his love on you, but offer it to him, and if he wants to stay with you, he will offer yours as well without you asking him to do so. A man will never stay with you because you want this if he does not have the same thoughts, no matter how great the love you have for him.


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